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23 March 2010 @ 07:41 pm
Iiinnn progresssssssss...

Best friend or Love
Inner Circle
Boy does this kid get into trouble. One of the few people Luxord is driven to directly intervene for when its in his power to do so.
Luxord thinks he's something of a trouble magnet as well, but he's reasonably better at making Lux pull out less hair.
As someone who used to go with him on earlier escapades during his childhood, Luxord doesn't mind his company. Things are always lively when Axel's around- though that's mostly because Axel is smart enough not to turn his pranks on Luxord.
One of his only lifelines to keeping his sanity on campus.

Fellow professor and friend. He views her as an independent, take-no-nonsense sort who carries herself well and can certainly hold her own in battle. She's also an older, attractive woman. - They've been through quite a few scrapes together, and Luxord now holds her much higher in regard than the other teachers and enjoys the occasional philosophical conversation.
Likes hearing about the trouble Fran gets into, often secretly gives him extra credit for the good ones.

After a catastrophic first meeting, now she's not so bad.
Lux was recently surprised with a gift from her after her powers have eased up. Hm. That's a pleasant surprise. Curious about the person underneath the powers. Not much else.
source of information. But doesn't dislike her at least.
Fellow professor. Luxord appreciates his sharp sense of humor.
Alan Wake
Also a fellow professor.
He knows her mainly through Fang. How is it possible for someone to be so excessively optimistic? 

None yet.
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3/29/2010 - [Video] Luxord is displeased over the inability of the administration to do anything about the falling island. He takes out his disappointment on student papers. [Roxas, Axel, Zexion]
4/1/2010 - [Video] Luxord suffers some unfortunate behavioral side effects of the hero-villain event. [Karin, Demyx]
5/7/2010 - [Action] Luxord unleashes his class to battle it out on the campus in a Time and Theory workshop.
6/10/2010 - [Video] Luxord purchases an old friend at the phantom marketplace in jest. To his surprise, it works.
6/13/2010 - [Action] Luxord suffers the consequences of his purchase in the form of a Darkside and a hooded stranger.
6/19/2010 - [Video] A belated good-bye.
8/16/2010 - [Action] The faculty confront the Darkness in Alan Wake in the infirmary.
Alan Wake Darkness Event Phase 1
9/8/2010 - [Action] - Luxord speaks personally with the darkness of Alan Wake. Later, Fang and Luxord fight to bring back Wake from the dark.
9/8/2010 - [Action] - Luxord assists Axel in battling his phantoms.
9/9/2010 - [Action] - Luxord and Fang have a talk about some unspoken issues lingering from the event.
23 March 2010 @ 07:38 pm
All you schemers out there, this post is for you. Here, you can hit up Luxord if you've got some plot event, plot devices or just ideas in general and you'd like to include Luxord in your brilliant madness.

23 March 2010 @ 07:36 pm
Well here's a post where you can give constructive criticism, advice, ask questions on how I play Luxord, etc, etc.

Feel free to drop me a line- I'm always looking to improve. ^_^

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09 April 2007 @ 11:20 pm
In a rather interesting turn of events, we have been dark-portalled to a new location by the inebriated Superior. His portalling spree has taken us to a place where orange is the new black and the entire world is particularly dreary, creepy and gloomy. It's positively charming, considering how at home the nobodies felt amongst the practically two-tone colored World That Never Was.

Two important developments:
1. This world (Called Halloween Town, I believe) turns you into a variety of monsters and creatures far beyond the realm of normalcy. For instance, Larxene has turned into a scandalously (and by that I mean scantily) clothed feline, Xigbar has been turned into a chattering bat, Zexion and the Twilight Town child have been reverted to transparent ghouls, Saix and the Pyro have been turned into were-animals and Namine the white witch has been turned into... Namine... the white witch. I've apparently become a horseman (without a horse at the moment) with a detachable head that bursts into flame at the slightest disturbance.

2. Saix is terrified of Spiders. SAIX. Is. terrified. of. spiders. One apparently attacked him and if he were a woman, I'm sure he'd be wailing like a banshee. (No offense to the attractive women undoubtedly reading this journal.) Now, Namine knocked over a tombstone and let loose an entire nest of them.

I was laughing so hard I happen to ignite my head again and the little buggers caught fire. The creepy-crawlies are now flaming balls of eight legged fury that seem to have acquired a particular liking to Saix.

... I really do find this place endearing.
Current Location: Halloween Town - Courtyard
Current Mood: amusedamused
05 April 2007 @ 02:08 am

Current Location: Hall--lsdjkgs
Current Mood: shockedshocked
04 October 2006 @ 01:49 am
Xig, Xal and I found pirate bar and drink. Drunk. I am drunk. Though not yet. Sort of.

Found the little traitor here'n bar. Told Roxas he's under year. age and should leave like now. Said he was Underage and told em to git out but the brat isn't not here. Still here, I mean. Disobedient little noob.

Dem and Saix and people are here too. So's Marl and the Superior and the keyblade brats. They keep follollollowing. Me. And they're all piss drunk- even femnazi Larx ov'r there. But not me! Everyone else is all incoh... hearant. Herent. Incoherent, but I'm still good. Can't beat me and Xig at drinking games. HA.


--- andThere is a alarrrrxxx on my back, on me and Git it OFF. OFF! Can't... spin fast... enough to ...r each... on back. I'mgonnagityou, I am!!!
Current Mood: angryangry
07 September 2006 @ 03:54 am
Wonder of all wonders, Xemnas seems to have picked up several others in his portaling spree: the keyblade kids, the traitors (Axel and Roxas), Demyx and the remainder of the organization. Larxene and Saix have already jumped into the mix, vengefully chasing down the traitors like obese children after cupcakes.

Fleeing from a raging Saix and a shock-happy Larxene I can understand. But in his escape, Axel has comitted the unforgivable:



Have you no decency, Axel!?


Strange, strange conversations...Collapse )
Current Mood: infuriatedinfuriated
30 August 2006 @ 01:28 pm
My leg looks like it's been put through a cheeze grater, but I've emerged from the encounter with Sai'X alive and in one piece. Sort of. I'm bleeding darkness all over the floor and the wonder-duo-of-cleanliness-supreme (Zexion and Lexaeus) are going to have a fit.

(I'd like to see them get mauled for the sake of the Organization and not bleed all over the place).

I made a quick trip back to the Castle That Never Was for a quick swig from our secret stash of Alcohol, (because frankly I deserved the short break), when suddenly I ran into a Xigbar-in-hiding and a rabid Xaldin (at which point Xigbar and I made sure he drank himself into submission).

Just when I thought things couldn't get any crazier, Xemnas popped out of nowhere like the drunken monkey he was and zapped us on over to the blasted world of Jack Sparrow's, Port Royale. For a place that bragged of its exciting lifestyle, the nightlife (more specifially its gambling and cardplay) was unbearably dull.

You can imagine I'm positively ecstatic to be back in this place. I'm gleefully radiating enthrallment to the point of utter delirium.

In case you couldn't tell, that was sarcasm.
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
23 August 2006 @ 10:56 am
Well we've finally arrived at Destiny Islands and would you look at that? A short trek through the sand and we've found ourselves in a cozy little neighborhood the keyblade brats call home. An interesting development, but certainly not what Sai'X and Larxene are looking for. They want to skewer Axel first and foremost, so they're currently not the most pleasant company. The trio of keyblade children have consented to divulge the location of Axel and his merry company if and only if we take them with us to Twilight Town.

While this wouldn't normally be a distressing problem, Sai'X seems to have been angered by the obscene amount of pink in Kairi's household. Fearing for all our lives, I threw the children outside and began a soothing game of go-fish, a favorite of Sai'X's. Only he seems to have passed the point of no return and it seems like I'll have to remedy the situation with something extreme.

I'm hoping a quick 'pull-out-a-squeaky-toy-and-run' technique will get Sai'X up, out of the house, through the dark portal to Twilight Town I'm going to form. If he catches me, kiss this nobody goodbye.

Okay, I've got the squeaky toy and -- ! He's running after me holylordhe'sreally fast and he'srightonmy tail but at leastwe're throughtheportal AND GOT MY LEG, SWEETDUSKALMIGHTYHEHASMYLEG Away-away ForHeavensSAKES Howmanytimes do I have to HITYOUINTHE FACE to getoff!!!




... G... Good lord, the things I put up with!